About us

 We are a company based in the northeast of Slovakia in Stará Ľubovňa. The founder of this company is Mrs. Magdaléna Kedová in 1991, who conscientiously approached the development of this company. In 2005, the company was transformed into a limited liability company. In its current form, it employs 30 employees and represents a stable company with experience and standard technological processes in the production of clothing.
• The company is mainly engaged in the production of women's clothing from various materials.
• We have built mutual cooperation with various domestic (Andrea Martiny) but also foreign brands (Lucky Lady Confection GmbH, Stehmann Mode, S. Oliver, France Rivoire, Georges Rech, Quelle, OSKA ...), who can confirm their satisfaction with our cooperation. and positively evaluate the quality of our production.
• We use different types of machines for production. Mostly they are single-needle JUKI brand with cutting, double-needle JUKI, JUKI overhead, JUKI punching machine (laundry), JUKI brand buttoning machine, JUKI bending machines, Presses and ironing equipment brand. Sussman (with heating and inflation on the final iron.)
Of course, the workshop has its own cutting room with a band and hand saw.
The company annually produces 50,000 pieces of women's clothing.
Sales of products are mainly focused on the markets of Central and Western Europe (Germany, England), but also on the Slovak market. The high quality of products is guaranteed by the long tradition of the company, the skill of its employees and the technical and technological equipment of production processes.
The basic philosophy is customer satisfaction through meeting deadlines and high quality sewing.

We also offer mediation of production in Slovakia and a complete service (in English on favorable financial terms). The capacity is up to 25,000 pieces per month. In case of interest there is a possibility to expand the capacity. The team of our people is fully available to you. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

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